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Brenda Paul (nka Helmrich) v. Kevin Paul

Case Number:                    LACV008611
Trial Date:                           04/20/2022
County:                                Dubuque
Court Type:                         COUNTY
Injury:                                  Right tib/fib open fracture. 2d/3d burns on much of body. 4 months of wound care/convalescence.
Judge:                                   Michael Shubatt
Type of Case:                            Car versus pedestrian. P/D in party group, fight ensued that night, D attempted to leave scene, struck P, drug her 44 feet on road.
Demand:                              None (carrier dropped coverage for Defendant)
Offer:                                    None (carrier dropped coverage for Defendant)
Defendant Attorney(s):   Alex Grasso
Defendant Expert:            None
Plaintiff Attorney(s):        Todd Klapatauskas Ben Bartels
Plaintiff Expert:                 Kelly Kula - Home Healthcare Nurse
Plaintiff Age:                      37
Plaintiff Sex:                       F
Affirm Defense:                 None
Result:                                  Past pain/suffering - $450,000 Future pain/suffering - $80,300 Past function loss - $28,800 Future function loss - $65,700 Total Verdict - $624,800 w/ stipulated medicals - $713,483.68
Specials:                              Parties stipulated to past medical expenses (to be added by Court after verdict). No wage loss. No future medical expenses sought.
Subrogation:                      88683.68

Katie Streff & John Streff v. Mary King

Case Number:                    LACL144958
Trial Date:                           01/24/2022
County:                                Polk
Court Type:                         STATE
Injury:                                  Traumatic Brain Injury, Neck, Headaches, Fatigue, Concussion Symptoms
Judge:                                   Celene Gogerty
Type of Case:                            Bodily Injury - Motor Vehicle
Demand:                              $600,000.00
Offer:                                    $225,000.00
Defendant Attorney(s):   Jon Vasey Spencer Vasey Dirth
Defendant Expert:            Daniel Tranel, Ph.D. Scott Jennisch, MD Michael Jacoby, MD
Plaintiff Attorney(s):        Ryan Nixon, Chad Knapp
Plaintiff Expert:                 Shawn Spooner, MD Kunal Patra, MD Joy Ashbaugh, LMSW
Plaintiff Age:                      41
Plaintiff Sex:                       F
Affirm Defense:                 
Result:                                  Total: $123,060.00 Past Meds: $28,000.00 Past Pain & Suffering: $28,000.00 Loss of Income: $55,200.00 Loss of Spousal Consortium: $11,860.00
Specials:                              Past Meds: $117,042.67 reduced to $56,513.32 Loss of Income: $212,216.87 Future Meds: $346,865.50 Earning Capacity: $1,200,000.00
Subrogation:                      $40,149.39
Additional Comments:   Plaintiff claimed she was totally disabled as a result of traumatic brain injury sustained in car accident. She had not worked since the accident and had been on Social Security Disability since the accident. She claimed to have severe and disabling headaches, speech difficulties, inability to concentrate, and other ongoing symptoms of a TBI. The last demand prior to trial was $1,250,000.00 (although this demand was reduced during the first day of trial).