Speaker Handouts

Printed materials and CDs are not available from IDCA. All handouts provided to IDCA by speakers will be made available on this event website. 

IDCA members may access archived handouts from previous Annual Meetings in the Members section of the IDCA website.

IDCA Annual Business Meeting Agenda and Nominations Report


Multi-Jurisdictional Practice and Unauthorized Practice of Law, Todd Scott

The Future of the Practice: How to Lead, Train and Mentor Post-COVID, Frank Ramos

Iowa Business Specialty Court Update and Best Practices for Remote Proceedings, Judge McLellan, Judge Tellen and Judge Crane

Case Law Update: Contract/Commercial Case Law, Austin McMahon

Case Law Update: Employment and Civil Procedure, Crystal Pound

Case Law Update: Tort Law and Negligence, Spencer Vasey

Litigation in the Time of COVID: Our Experience, Josh McIntyre and Darin Harmon

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Making the Iowa Bar and Your Workplace Truly Welcoming and Inclusive, Emily Chafa

Recent Legislative Action Effects on Practice, Brad Epperly



Stopping the Proliferation of Nuclear Verdicts, Dr. William Kanasky

Post House File 518: Recent Trends in Workers Compensation, Jean Dickson

Iowa State Bar Lawyers Assistance Program: Wellness, Hugh Grady

Moving Forward: Labor & Employment Trends and Predictions, Katie Graham