Health Precautions

As IDCA prepares to meet in person, the health of attendees is the top priority. You can expect that IDCA will follow the CDC’s most updated health protocols and will adhere to current regulations set forth by the City of Des Moines and the Embassy Suites. In turn, IDCA asks each attendee take personal responsibility to minimize the potential spread of communicable diseases at the event. This includes staying home if you develop a fever or have had exposure to any contagious illness, abiding by current CDC guidelines while attending the event, and contacting IDCA staff if you become ill during or within 14 days following the IDCA Annual Meeting & Seminar.

Here is what you can expect:

  1. Choose your comfort level seating. When you register, indicate your preferred seating comfort level. Red indicates seating 6 ft. apart. Yellow indicates seating 3 ft. apart, and green indicates historical spacing.
  2.  Designated entrances. There are three entrances into the session room, one for each seating preference. As you enter, hand sanitation stations are available.
  3.  Designated exits. There are two designated exits. As you exit, hand sanitation stations are available.
  4.  Registration. There are two registration desks. One is a self-serve desk for those who register in advance. The second is for walk-in registrations. The goal is to limit the congestion at the registration desk.
  5.  Ribbons. When you pick up your badge, you are asked to pick up a red, yellow or green ribbon. The ribbon color tells other attendees your comfort level as you engage in conversation. Red indicates you prefer distance and no handshakes, elbow bumps or fist bumps. Yellow indicates elbow bumps and fist bumps are okay, and green indicates handshakes.
  6.  Meals. Seating for the Thursday lunch allows for four (4) attendees per table instead of the traditional eight (8) per table. There will be multiple seating options at the Thursday evening reception too.