Speaker Handouts

Printed materials and CDs are not available from IDCA. All handouts provided to IDCA by speakers will be made available on this event website. 

IDCA members may access archived handouts from previous Annual Meetings in the Members section of the IDCA website.

Index, 1965–2018 Annual Meetings 

2019 IDCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Leadership and Perserverance Through Adversity, Jeff Menary

Everything You Need to Know About State Constitutional Tort Claims, Anthony Gaughan, Esq.

Taking the Heat for Tweet: Ethical Concerns with Lawyers’ Use of Social Media, John C. Browning, Esq.

Beyond the Numbers: How to Use an Expert in Alcohol & Drug Cases, Ted W. Simon, Ph.D., DABT

Let’s Talk About Your Health / National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, Dr. Amy Michelle Willcockson

Power Hour: Discussing the Health and Wellness of the Judicial System, Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger, Chief Justice Mark Cady, Chief Judge Kellyann Lekar, Judge Michael J. Melloy, Judge Thomas N. Bower, Justice Christopher McDonald (Moderator)

Utilizing the Forensic Chiropractor in Bodily Injury Litigation, Dr. Scott Misek

Helping to Save Jury Trials Through Jury Trial Innovations, Judge Mark Bennett

Reptile Revisited and Reserved, Brian Yung, Esq.; Judge Sharon Soorholtz Greer; John Gray, Esq.

Case Law Updates
Updates Torts/Negligence, Josh Strief, Esq.


Voir Dire: The Good, Bad and the Ugly as Seen from the Bench, Judge Richard D. Stochl, Judge Jeffrey D. Farrell

Bringing it Together for Trial, Attacking Damages, J. Ric Gass, Esq.

Privacy, Data Security and CyberSecurity, Kristymarie Shipley, Esq.

Web 3.0 Beyond Facebook: Current Trends in Social Media Investigations, Ben Stevenson, Esq.

Case Law Updates
Updates Contracts/Commercial, Luke Jenson, Esq.

Updates Developments in Employment Law and Civil Procedure, Megan Merrit, Esq.