Speaker Handouts

Speaker handouts will be available in late August 2018. Attendees will receive an email once handouts are posted online. Printed materials and CDs are not available from IDCA. All handouts provided to IDCA by speakers will be made available on this event website. 

IDCA members may access archived handouts from previous Annual Meetings in the Members section of the IDCA website.

Index, 1965–2017 Annual Meetings


Accident Reconstruction and Injury Causation Investigations: A Look at Low-Speed Rear-End Collisions, Megan Toney-Bolger and Christopher Andrecovich

A View from the Jury Box, Jason O’Rourke

Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation Reform 2017, James Bryan

#YouToo? – Preventing/Defending Employment Claims in the #MeToo Era, Bryan O’Neill

Overlooked Basics that Every Young Lawyer Should Know, Judge Christopher Bruns

Depositions, Stephen Powell

Motion in Limine & Voir Dire, Sharon Greer

Case Law Updates
Torts/Malpractice/Insurance Litigation, Alex Barnett

Employment/Civil Procedure, Alex Grasso


Social Media, Josh McIntyre

The 2018 Legislative Sessions, Brad Epperly and Stephen Doohen

The OPR Report, Tre Critelli

Bad Faith, Kent Gummert